Black Gums Around Teeth | Causes & Best Home Remedies To Treat It Naturally
Your smile plays a big part in defining your personality and beauty. A good smile helps you make a good impression. It can go a long way in fostering relationships and creating connections in the world. Your gums play a critical part in defining your smile. Having black or dark gums can put a damper on your smile. It can also make you insecure and prevent you from smiling freely. Dark gums can also be a sign of deteriorating dental health. So, if you are having  black gums it could mean that you need to take better care of your mouth. Having good dental health and hygiene is important as you will have only one set for the whole of your life. Hence, every woman wants to have pink gums as it enhances your smile and betters the overall look.
What Causes Black Gums?
There could be a variety of different reasons that could be causing dark gums. Generally, you get them when the pigment melanin gets accumulated at the surface of gums and overshadows the natural pink color of them. Melanin is the pigment that provides the black or dark color to our skin, hair and even iris.
Apart from that there are many other reasons also that can change color of your gums and will make them look darker.
Now let us understand about all the different causes behind your dark gums in detail.
1. Heredity and ethnicity
Your genes and race have an effect on your skin tone. Certain races and ethnicities have darker skin as their skin produces more melanin[1] than others. People of such races and regions develop black or darker gums over time as their gums also produce more melanin. This is especially apparent in African people as their body produces much more melanin than most other races. Black or dark gums[2] in such situations are very common and completely normal also.
2. Smoking
We all now that smoking is highly injurious for your health inside and out. It has many deteriorating effects on your body. It also has a severe darkening effect on your gums. That can be a warning sign and can lead to some serious gum diseases. Smoking generally results in discolored gums in a specific condition of gums which is called smoker’s melanosis[3].
Studies have shown that quitting smoking has a positive effect on gum color. H
3. Stress
A disproportionate amount of stress can also change color of your gums. Excessive stress can lead to a variety of mental and physical health problems and not just dark gums. Stress or anxiety leads to hormonal changes in the body which can easily result in the darkening of your gums.
4. Medications
Certain drugs and medications can lead to darkened gums as a side effect. These medications bring about many changes within your body which can result in black gums. Medications concerning the psychological well being like anti-depressants or malaria medication etc can also lead to you having unhealthy and dark gums. If you are noticing discoloration in your gums and you recently started some new medication, it could be the side effect of that medicine.
Consuly your doctor immediately in such case.

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