Many office workers are suffering from sore neck and neck. In addition to the problems caused by bad sitting and sitting posture, the level of the computer also has an impact.

Computer operator’s pain prevention

Nowadays, many offices or companies have installed computers. Many people need to face computer work for a long time. As a result, more and more physical discomforts such as headaches , dizziness , and sore neck are beginning to work. People are concerned. Among them, neck pain is a lot of trouble for office workers.

Poor posture is the main cause of
the causes of this neck shoulder pain, in addition to part due to poor posture caused by chairs and outside, high and low computer has its impact. One of the reasons for the neck pain caused by the operation of the computer is that the keyboard is too high. When the keyboard is pressed, the arms are lifted, so that the muscles on the shoulders are too tight and sore. The way to improve is to lower the position of the keyboard to match the level of the elbow when you sit down; if you can’t lower the position of the keyboard, you have to raise your seat.

Long bow provoke pain
caused by neck shoulder pain Ying Guangmu second reason is to put too low, when viewing the screen hung his head will have to look at, too long would render the nape of the neck being affected by excessive tension, causing pain. In fact, many cases of neck pain or arm paralysis are caused by long-term head drop. The way to improve is to raise the fluorescent screen a little so that the neck does not need to bend more than thirty-five degrees. In addition, stretching the head forward too much is also the key to neck pain.

Improvement methods
There are roughly three movements to prevent:

Always turn your head in different directions.
It is to turn the two heads backwards, and even stretch out a “big lazy waist.”
You can also use hot compress after going home from work, or use the warm water to spray the sore part in the shower. It also has a certain relief effect.

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