Exynos 7904 Vs Snapdragon 660 comparison in details

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide Of Samsung Exynos 7904 Vs Snapdragon 660. Today we will see the best comparison between  Exynos 7904 and Snapdragon 660.  Recently Samsung launched smartphones like A Series viz, A51, A50s, and M Series viz, M30 & M31 to compete for the Mid-Range Phones of other Companies. So here we will compare the Price, Specification, Performance, Camera, Graphics and many more. 


What is Exynos 7904?

Samsung Exynos 7904 is An Octa-Core Processor which is firmly designed with ARM LTE  Launched on 21 January 2019. It generally integrates with six Cortex-A53 little cores operating at 1.6GHz and two CortexA-73 big cores operating at 1.8GHz Exynos 7904 octa-core processor. The clock rate is up to 1800MHz.

Exynos 7904 Processor Mobiles list

What is Qualcomm Snapdragon 660?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 was launched on 8th May 2017. It is a 64 Bit Octa-Core ARM LTE System. It integrates with Four Kryo 260 Gold Operating system at 1.8GHz and Four Kryo 260 Silver operating at 2.2GHz. It runs on Adreno 512 GPU and has an X12 LTE modem. It has LPDDR4X-3733 memory with Dual Channel. The ISP of Sd 660 Video playback is 4K at 30FPS.

Snapdragon 660 Processor Mobiles list

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Specifications Of Exynos 7904 and Snapdragon 660

Complete list of differences between Exynos and Snapdragon by comparing them in a tabular form i.e Samsung Exynos 7904 Vs Snapdragon 660.

1. CPU

ComponentsExynos 7904Snapdragon 660
Architecture2x 1.8 GHz – Cortex-A736X 1.6 GHz- Cortex-A534x 2.2 GHz – Kryo 260 Gold(Cortex-A73)4x 1.84 GHz –Kryo 260 Silver(Cortex-A53)
Process 14 Nanometers14 Nanometers
Frequency1800 MHz2200 MHz
L2 cache1MB
Instruction setARMv8.2-AARMv8-A
Transistor count2 billion1.75 billion

2. Graphics

ComponentsExynos 7904Snapdragon 660
GPUMail-G71 MP2Adreno 512
GPU frequency770 MHz850 MHz
ArchitectureBifrostAdreno 500
FLOPS65 Gigaflops217 Giga Flops
Vulkan version1.01.0
OpenCL version2.01.2
Direct version1212
Number of ALUs128

3. Memory

ComponentsExynos 7904Snapdragon 660
Memory typeLPDDR4XLPDDR4
Memory Frequency1866 MHz
Max size6GB8GB
Max bandwidth14.9 Gbit/s
Bus2x 32 Bit4x 16 Bit

4. Multimedia (ISP)

ComponentsExynos 7904Snapdragon 660
Max display resolution2400 x 10802560 x 1600
Max camera resolution1x 32MP, 2x 16MP1x 48MP, 2x 16MP
Neural Processor(NPU)NoHexagon 680
Storage typeeMMC 5.1UFS 2.1
Video playback1080p at 60FPS4K at 30FPS
Video capture4K at 30FPS4K at 30PFS
Video codecsH.264, H.265, VP8, VP9H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9
Audio codecsAIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAVAAC-LC, MP3, HE-AACv1, HE-AAcv2, FLAC

5. Charging

An Exynos 7904 supports Adaptive fast charging whereas Snapdragon 660 supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.1


1. Antutu Benchmark

It is a Chinese Software used for evaluating the performance of mobile phones. It is powered by Cheetah Mobile.

 Exynos 7904 Antutu

Exynos Benchmark Antutu scores  106962 Point.

Snapdragon 660 Antutu

Snapdragon 660 Antutu scores 155529 Point.

2. Geekbench Benchmark

Geekbench has a scoring system that separates single-core and multi-core performances. This Benchmark software is available for Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, and iOS.

Exynos 7904 Geekbench

Exynos Geekbench Benchmark scores for Single-core 272 Points and for Multi-core 992 Points.

Snapdragon 660 Geekbench

Snapdragon Geekbench Benchmark for Single-core scores  333  Points and for Multi-core scores 1303 Points.


Both are Mid-range processor integrated Smartphones and very similar to each other. Somehow Sd660 performance is outstanding while Gaming like PUBG. Sd 660  also supports Quick Charge 4.1. Snapdragon 660 has a better GPU and CPU which screams you to buy this phone.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which is better Exynos or Snapdragon?

Exynos Performs better than Snapdragon in terms of Multi-Core ISP(Multimedia) and in other ways Snapdragon processor seems to Clocked higher than Exynos in Single Core. You may see a clear difference by the Antutu and Geekbench Benchmarks Scores.

2. Is Exynos is faster than Snapdragon?

In terms of clock speed, Snapdragon clocked higher in Single-core performance. When we talk about the Graphics performance both come close somehow Exynos is a little bit faster in a few Fps.

 Note- This comparison between Exynos 7904 Vs Sd 660 can also be said Snapdragon 660 Vs Exynos 7904.  

3. Is Exynos 7904 equal to Snapdragon 660?

Yes, it is equal in terms of Multi-core performance only. Samsung wins the race between Snapdragon by a few Fps. In other terms Like Single-Core performance, Snapdragon Flagship wins the race.

4. Samsung Exynos 7904 Vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Which is better?

Snapdragon 845 wins the race in performance, memory, and semiconductor size that boosts the phone to Next-generation phones. Some comparisons are below.

ComponentsExynos 7904Snapdragon 845
CPU speed6x 1.6GHz & 2x 1.8 GHz4x 2.8GHz & 4x 1.77GHz
Faster downloads600MBits/s1200Mbits/s

 5. Exynos 7885 Vs Snapdragon 845, Which is better?

Snapdragon is far better than Exynos 7885. In Single-core and in Multi-core performances, Snapdragon 845 won the race in comparison to Samsung 7885. Let us compare it-

ComponentsExynos 7885Snapdragon 845
CPU speed6x 1.6GHz & 2x 2.2 GHz4x 2.8GHz & 4x 1.77GHz
Download speed600MBits/s1200Mbits/s
Direct X Version1112
Semiconductor size14nm10nm

6. Exynos 7904 Vs Exynos 9610, Which is better?

Exynos 9610 is better than Samsung Exynos 7904 in terms of 

  • CPU Speed, Exynos 9610 has 4x 2.3GHz & 4x 1.7GHz whereas Exynos 7904 has 6x 1.6GHz & 2x 1.8GHz.
  • Smaller Semiconductor size Exynos 7904 have 4nm smaller conductor size then Exynos 7904. ie (10nm Vs 14nm)

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