Exynos 7904 VS Snapdragon 675 comparison in details

The EXYNOS 7904 and Snapdragon 675 both are octa core processors.

These processors are primarily designed only for the mid range smartphones. Samsung is the manufacturer of the Exynos processor. After so many complaints from the users of Exynos 78 series, Samsung manufactured the Exynos 79 series in which the Exynos 7904 comes under, which performs better than Exynos 78 series.

The building over of exynos 7904 processor is 14 nm which is the size of its semiconductor whereas in the snapdragon the size of the semiconductor is 11 nm.

Both the processor are octa core and from these 8 cores 2 are large and 6 are small. In Exynos 7904  2arm cortex  A73 cores are clocked at 1.8 GHz and 6 cortex A53 cores are clocked at 1.6 GHz.

Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 675
Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 675

Whereas the snapdragon 675 comes with 2 Kryo 460 whose cortex A-76 cores are clocked at 2.0 GHz and 6 Kryo 460 cortex A-55 are clocked at 1.7 GHz.

The Kryo cores in snapdragon 675 are powerful than cortex A-73 and A-53

The power consumption and heat generation in case of Samsung’s exynos 7904 is higher than Qualcomm snapdragon 675 because of the building process of exynos 7904 which is built over 14 nm.

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Samsung is using the exynos processor for its mid range smartphones such as A series and M series.

ComponentsSnapdrgon 675Exynos 7904
Architecture2x 2 GHz-Kryo 460, Cortex-A76, 6×1.7GHz- Kryo 460, cortex A-552x 1.8 GHz- Cortex-A736x1.6 GHz- Cortex A-53
Process11 nm14 nm
Instruction setARMv8-AARMv8.2-A
L1 Cache16 KB        ——
L2 Cache256 KB        ——–
Transistor count          ——–2 billion


Snapdragon 675 packs the Adreno 612 GPU whereas Exynos 7904 packs the MALI G71 MP2 GPU which is older because it was manufactured in 2017.

The Snapdragon 675 has multiple dedicated cores for artificial intelligence  which works with the qualcomm artificial intelligence engine where as the Exynos 7904 has no dedicated cores for artificial intelligence 

ComponentsExynos 7904Snapdragon 675
GPU NameMali-G71 MP2Adreno 612
ArchitectureBifrostAdreno 600
GPU Frequency770 MHz700-750MHz
Cores2    ———
Flops65 Giga flops        ———
Vulkan Version1.01.1
OpenCL version2.02.0
DirectX version1212


Both Exynos 7904 and Snapdragon 675 supports full HD+ display with upto 2520×1080 pixels screen resolution whereas the exynos 7904 has maximum aspect ratio of 20:9 and Snapdragon has 10 bit display support with the aspect ratio of 21:9 which does not make a huge difference.

The Exynos 7904 supports 32 MP both rear and front camera and can offer two 16 MP sensors and can also support triple camera for wide angle and ultra wide angle photo shoot.

In case of Snapdragon 675 it comes with the support of 48 MP camera sensor which is very rare and magnificent in mid range smartphones and also with this it comes with spectra 250L image signal processor which support the 48 MP snapshot , 25 MP single rear camera and 16 MP dual rear camera, which makes the Snapdragon 675 a winner over Exynos 7904.

Neural Processor(NPU)NOHexagon 685
Storage TypeeMMC 5.1eMMC 5.1, UFS 2.1
Max display resolution2400x 10802520x 1080
Max camera resolution1x 32MP, 2x 16 MP2x 16 MP,1x 25MP
Video Capture4K at 30 FPS4K at 30 FPS
Video Playback1080P at 60FPS4K at 30 FPS
Video codecsH.264, H.265,VP8,VP9H.264, H.265,VP9
Audio CodecsAIFF,CAF,MP3,MP4,WAVaptX,aptX HD,aptX Classic,


LPDDR4x RAM is supported both by Exynos 7904 and Snapdragon 675. The Snapdragon supports upto 8GB of RAM whereas the Exynos 7904 RAM supporting has not been revealed by Samsung yet.

The Exynos 7904 has support for only e MMC5.1 where the snapdragon 675 supports UPS 2.1/e MMC 5.1 1,which gives it an edge over Exynos 7904

Both Exynos 7904 and Snapdragon 675 support dual 4G VoltE, Tri-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,GPS,USB 3.1 and USB Type-C, NFC and FM radio.

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Snapdragon 675 comes with X12- LTE modem which uses LTE CAT-12 for the download speed upto 600 MBPS and uses CAT-13 to give upload speed upto 150 mbps where as on the other hand Exynos 7904 uses LTE CAT 12 modem to give upto 6000mbps download speed and 150mbps upload speed which does not make any difference in between Snapdragon 675 and Exion 7904 processor.

Memory frequency1866 MHz
Bus2x 32 Bit2x 16 Bit
Max Bandwidth——-14.9 Gbit/S
Max Size6GB8GB
ModemX12 LTE
4G SupportLTE Cat.12LTE Cat.12
5G SupportNONO
Download SpeedUpto 600 MbpsUpto 600 Mbps
Upload SpeedUpto 150 MbpsUpto 150 Mbps


ClassMid rangeMid range
Model No.SDM675
Official PageSamsung Exynos 7904 official siteQualcomm Snapdragon 675 Official site


From the above information the Snapdragon 675 is a clear winner against Exynos 7904 in power consumption, heat generation, graphics, camera and in case of memory and connectivity.

The price of Snapdragon 675 is less than Exynos 7904 .Both are gaming processors and both perform well in case of game but Snapdragon 675 is little better than Exynos 7904 because of less power consumption and less heat generation.


Which processor is better, Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 660?

Snapdragon 660 is better than Exynos 7904 because of its fast performance, less power consumption and less heat generation.

Is Exynos 7904 good for gaming?

Exynos 7904 is good for gaming but if you go for the high graphical games then there you may face problem in smooth gaming.

Is Exynos 7904 good for PUB-G?

Yes, we can play PUB-G but it’s not a better choice for playing PUB-G.

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