Exynos 9611 vs Snapdragon 712 Comparison in Details

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide Of Exynos 9611 Vs Snapdragon 712. Today we will evaluate these two Processors Exynos 9611 and Snapdragon 712. Here You will find the Best Comparision Between Exynos 9611 and Snapdragon 712.

Exynos 9611 vs Snapdragon 712 Comparison

What is Exynos 9611?

Exynos 9611 is designed by The Samsung (ARM Holdings) on 19th September 2019. Exynos 9611 is The 7th Series of Samsung ARM Holdings. It is manufactured on a 10 nm process and has 8 Cores consisting of four Cortex-A73 Big Cores and Four Cortex-A53 Little Cores.

The Samsung Exynos 9611 provides intelligent performance that is for the upcoming generation experience. It gives us artificial intelligent applications to enhanced Grade Camera AI. It consists of the Vision Processing Unit.

It gives a good Experience in Photographs. It’s Built with a 64Bit Octa-Core CPU and Powerful GPU.

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Special Features of Exynos 9611

  • Intelligent Pro-Grade Camera
  • Slower than Slow-Mo
  • 480 FPS Camera Sensitivity
  • Direct X Version 12
  • OpenGL ES Version
  • 4 Memory Channels
  • Ram Speed is 2133MHz

Exynos 9611 Processor Mobile List

  • Samsung Galaxy M30
  • Samsung Galaxy M31
  • Samsung Galaxy A51
  • Samsung Galaxy M21
  • Samsung Galaxy A50s

What is Snapdragon 712?

Snapdragon 712, A Mid-Range 64Bit ARM LTE System on this Processor that is designed by Qualcomm. Snapdragon 712 Launched in 2019. It consists of Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55 Micro-architecture. Generally, it has two types of cores Kryo 360 Gold And Kryo 30 Silver. Two Kryo 360 Gold is present which accelerated the Work Load and Six Kryo 360 Silver is Present that performs Light Work Load.

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Special Features of Snapdragon 712

  • 3rd Generation Multi-Core Qualcomm AI Engine.
  • 10% aster Graphics and 4K HDR Playback.
  • Superior Battery Life, It Takes your Smartphone from 0% to 50% in 15 mins.
  • Ultra Hd 4K Video Capture at 30fps.

Snapdragon 712 Processor Mobile List

  • Realme 5 Pro
  • Vivo Z1 Pro
  • Vivo Z1 X
  • Vivo V19
  • Realme XT

Exynos 9611 Vs Snapdragon 712


Here I am giving you the specification of both Exynos 9611 vs Snapdragon 712 in detail including- CPU, Graphics, Memory, Multimedia.


ComponentsExynos 9611Snapdragon 712
Architecture4x 2.3GHz – Cortex-A734x 1.7GHz – Cortex-A532x 2.3GHz – Kryo 360 Gold(Cortex A-75)6x 1.7GHz – Kryo 360 Silver (Cortex-A55)
Process10 nanometers10 nanometers
L3 Cache    –1MB
Instruction setARMv8-AARMv8-A
Frequency2300 MHz2300 MHz
Transister count3 billion3 billion


ComponentsExynos 9611Snapdragon 712
GPU nameMali-G72 MP3Adreno 616
ArchitectureBifrostAdreno 600
Number of ALUs128
GPU frequency850 MHz550 MHz
FLOPS259 Gigaflops310 Gigaflops
DirectX version1212
OpenCL version2.02.0
Vulkan version1.11.0


ComponentsExynos 9611Snapdragon 712
Max Size6GB8GB
Memory Frequency2133MHz1866 MHz
Max Bandwith13.91 Gbit/s
Bus2x 16 Bit2x 16 Bit

Multimedia (ISP)

ComponentsExynos 9611Snapdragon 712
Neural Processor (NPU)NoQualcomm Hexagon 685 DSP
Max Display Resolution2560 x 16003360 x 1440
Max Camera Resolution1x 64MP, 2x 16MP1x 192MP, 2x 16MP
Storage TypeeMMC 5.1, UFS 2.1UFS 2.1
Video CodecsH.264, H.265, VP8, VP9H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9
Video Capture4K at 120FPS4K at 60FPS
Video Playback4K at 120FPS4K at 60FPS

Benchmark Scores

1. Geekbench

Geekbench is a Cross-Check Platform Processor Software. It Evaluates Separately Single-Core and Multi-Core Performance and Workloads. This Software Benchmark is available on IOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. The Developers of this software are Primae Labs Inc. 

Snapdragon 712 Geekbench Score

Snapdragon 712 Scores,  Single-Core, and Multi-Core scores are 345 and 1373 Points Respectively.

Exynos 9611 Geekbench Score

Exynos 9611 Scores, Single-Core and Multi-Core scores are 305 and 1177 Points Respectively.

Hence, Snapdragon 712 stands first in this Geekbench Test and Exynos 9611 Stands Somewhere in last.

2. Antutu

Antutu is Developed By Cheetah Mobile which is Chinese Software. It is a Benchmarking Tool frequently used to Evaluate the Performance of Phones and Other Devices. This Software Benchmark is available on IOS, Android, and Windows.

Snapdragon 712 Antutu Score

Snapdragon 712 Scores in Antutu test 1,82,765 Points.

Exynos 9611 Antutu Score

Exynos 9611 Scores in Antutu test 1,0,08 Points.

Which One is better Snapdragon 712 Vs Exynos 9611?

If Your Priority is Gaming Then By Above Benchmark Scores Snapdragon 712 is far better than Exynos 9611. Exynos 911 is a little bit Laggy in the Gaming experience but in Other aspects, it will provide you enhanced graphic Performance. Exynos 9611 Provides you a very powerful and capable Chip in Capturing Pictures and Recording Videos.

But at the last Snapdragon 712  is Compatible Chip that Provides you all specifications and Optimizations that are Empowered by Qualcomm.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is Samsung Exynos 9611 good For PUBG?

The Samsung Exynos 9611 is a little bit Laggy in comparison to Qualcomm Snapdragon 712. It can run PUBG but the Gaming experience is not better.

Q2. Does Exynos 9611 support NavIC?

No, Exynos 9611 Supports Wifi, FM Radio, GPS, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Q3. Does Exynos 9611 support 5G?

No, Till now its does not support 5G as Similar to Exynos 9611. 

Q4. Which Exynos processor is best?

Exynos 990 is the best Processor in All of them. Exynos 990 is better than Snapdragon 865 generally in terms of Single Core CPU Performance.

Q5. Exynos 9610 Vs Snapdragon 855 

Snapdragon 855 is better than Exynos 910. As 855 Qualcomm is faster CPU speed by 8.13%.

855 Qualcomm consist of high RAM speed with 533MHz.Snapdragon 855 has 12GB memory size and Exynos 9610 has 6GB.

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