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weight loss is an eternal topic for ladies. The workshop is full of all kinds of weight loss methods. Whether it is effective or not can be considered as a matter of opinion. We have collected 100 popular slimming methods, some of which are medically based and some of which are strange. Before deciding whether to choose a method, it is necessary to understand whether it is safe and effective, and whether it is suitable for you.

People who want to lose weight often do not eat breakfast. In fact, this kind of work can not only effectively lose weight, but also may increase the pound.

Can you lose weight without eating breakfast?
For those who are obese or want to stay slim, it is not uncommon to not eat breakfast. In fact, this practice is often counterproductive, not only failing to lose weight effectively, but also increasing the pound.
If there is no problem with the stomach and intestines of the human body, if you do not eat breakfast, you will feel hungry when you are not at noon. Like this fasting condition, the food you eat is the most easily absorbed. In other words, the food you eat at this time is the easiest to convert into subcutaneous fat and will eventually be stored.
Researchers have experimented with white mice many times and found that white mice that eat only one meal a day are more likely to be obese than white mice that eat three meals a day.
The reason is that white mice that eat only one meal a day naturally increase fat in the body to store the calories they need to consume on an empty stomach. If humans do the same, as hunger promotes an empty stomach and fully eats lunch, it will increase the storage fat and become obese. In addition, people who do not eat breakfast will unwittingly ingest excessive food intake when eating lunch and dinner. Also, after dinner, because there are fewer opportunities to exercise the body, the average person will sleep on the TV after watching the meal. The food that is eaten will of course become subcutaneous fat. Over time, the body will become obese.

Obesity refers to the accumulation of excess fat in the body, of which “ideal weight” is used as a measure of whether the genital is moderate.

Ideal body weight calculation

Obesity refers to the accumulation of excess fat in the body, but it is difficult to measure the fat content. There are currently three ways to define the definition of obesity. One of the measurement criteria is the ideal body weight method.

Because the ideal weights of men and women are different, the equations are different:

Male ideal weight (kg) = 62 + 0.6 × (height (cm) -170)
Female ideal weight (kg) = 52 + 0.5 × (height (cm) – 158)

Male ideal weight (kg) = (height (cm) -80) × 0.7)
Female ideal weight (kg) = (height (cm) -70) × 0.6)
The calculated results are within the normal range of 10 to 20% of the ideal body weight. If the body weight is 45 kg or more higher than the ideal weight, it is morbidly obese. You must consult a doctor and make appropriate weight loss.

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