What is Graphics Card And Its Types?

Graphics Card And Its Types

Nowadays, especially with the rise of Gaming equipment, the graphics card is one of the main components of any PC, and in fact, in these cases, it is usually the most expensive component. In this article, we are going to explain what a graphic card is, what its functions are, what types there are, a little history about them and, in addition, you can view No fluff Tech to learn, how to choose best cheap graphics card to compile the reviews and analysis of graphic cards.
Graphics Card

What is the graphics card?

The graphics card also called video card, screen adapter or simply GPU (inherited from the name of your graphics processor) is an expansion card or integrated circuit that is responsible for processing the data sent by the processor of the computer and transform them in information visible and understandable to the user, represented on the output device, the monitor. Currently, we can find two types of graphic cards: integrated and dedicated.

The integrated graphics

Formerly, many motherboards integrated their own GPU between their circuits, but at present, this was not done to make way for the iGPU calls or integrated graphics, which already come in the processor itself (the motherboards, however, still integrate the outputs Of video).
These integrated graphics logically have fairly low power, and also need to take part in the RAM of the system for themselves. Nowadays, especially with the rise of Gaming equipment, the graphics card is one of the main components of any PC, and in fact in these cases it is usually the most expensive component.
Currently, both AMD and Intel have integrated graphics in their processors. The main reason is that graphics processors are very powerful when performing parallel processes, and locating the GPU together with the CPU allows integrated graphics to be used to perform many processes in addition to the graphics processing itself 
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The dedicated graphics

Dedicated graphic cards are the ones we all know: video cards that have their own GPU, graphics memory, video outputs and cooling system and that are connected to the motherboard through a PCI-Express port. They provide a much higher level of performance than integrated graphics, but they are also much more expensive, although they allow us to update or replace the component in a much simpler way.

The video outputs

It is known as video outputs to the connection ports that are used to connect the graphics card to the monitor. There are many different types of video output, but currently only the following are used:VGA (practically in disuse): it means Video Graphics Array, and it was the standard of analog video in the decade of the 90.
It was designed for CRT monitors, and suffers a lot of electrical noise and distortion in the analog-to-digital conversion, so that VGA cables usually carry a line filter in the cable itself. Its connector is called D-sub and it has 15 pins.DVI: Means Digital Visual Interface, and replaces the previous one.
It is totally digital, so there is no need to do conversion, eliminating much of the electrical noise and distortion. It offers higher quality and higher possible resolutions.HDMI : It means High Definition Multimedia Interface, and is currently the most used. It has encryption without compression and is capable of transmitting audio as well as video, offering even higher resolutions.
DisplayPort : It is currently the “rival” of HDMI. It is a proprietary VESA technology that also transmits audio and video, but at a higher resolution and frequency than HDMI. It has the advantage that it is free of patents, so it is easier for its use to be extended (practically all graphics present DisplayPort). It has a small version called Mini DisplayPort with the same characteristics that allows the inclusion of many more ports in the same graphics card.

The best graphic cards

Every year, or at the most every two years, new more powerful graphics cards and new technologies (like the new Ray Tracing for video games) arrive on the market that offer us a much more realistic experience in games.
Today, the most powerful graphics cards for gaming that can be found come from NVIDIA, among which the models of the series 10 (Pascal) and the series 20 (Turing) stand out. Within the NVIDIA 10 series we can find the NVIDIA GTX 1060 (although this model is considered more as mid-range), NVIDIA GTX 1070 , GTX 1070 Ti, GTX 1080 and  GTX 1080 Ti.
Within the series 20, also known as RTX, NVIDIA can opt for the NVIDIA RTX 2060 (with a superior power to the NVIDIA GTX 1070), NVIDIA RTX 2070 ,  RTX 2080  and the most advanced and powerful model of all,  NVIDIA RTX 1080 Ti . 

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